Friday, October 11, 2013

Never go visiting "empty-handed"

Marash Girl can never go visiting "empty-handed".  She thought it was an Armenian thing, or a Marash thing, but when she was walking along Union Street towards the parking lot in Newton Centre, (after the monthly Radcliffe Reunion lunch), she compared notes with a classmate . . . how both of them always purchased little gifts whenever they saw them . . . why?  Not because they needed them, but so they would have a surprise gift to take with them if they were ever notified at the last minute of a birthday or an anniversary, or a simple visit, or if anyone visited them from abroad. Marash Girl always thought it was an Armenian thing . . . she can remember when her father would stop at a drugstore to buy a box of Whitman chocolates to take to the relatives we were visiting . . . or her mother going so far as to bring a big pot of dolma with her to a non-Armenian home that had invited the family to dinner . . . but no, my friend was Jewish; she, too, had been brought up never to go visiting empty-handed . . . And you?


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