Monday, October 7, 2013

Popcorn in the Air

It was only two days ago that Marash Boy was chatting away about a friend who touted the fact that he (his friend, not Marash Boy) was in the popcorn business.  [FYI, popcorn is one of Marash Girl's favorite foods --  (it does fit into the required daily nutrients, does it not?  Especially with butter and salt!)] -- so Marash Girl's ears perked up.  What do you mean, the popcorn business, she asked Marash Boy. Oh, he answered; that's just another way of saying that you own movie theaters. What? (wondered Marash Girl).

It seems that when you own a movie theatre, you make your profit on the popcorn, not on the movie!

Well, as usual, Marash Boy was way ahead of the curve. Yesterday, grinning, he dragged out an article from Sunday's New York Times Magazine which concluded, "Find a good popcorn location and build a theater around it."

Now here's a thought . . . could it be that movie theatre owners learned from watching vendors at baseball games?  Which came first, anyway?  Or should the question be asked once again, "Who's on first?"


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