Sunday, October 27, 2013

Overheard: A Mouse in the House

Woman: I can't get the arrow on my computer to move.

Techie: Do you have a mouse?

Woman: Yes!

Techie: Then move your mouse up and down.

Woman: I am!

Techie: And what happens?

Woman: Nothing! The arrow still doesn't move!

Techie: I'll be right over.

When the computer techie arrives, he asks the beautiful blonde to demonstrate exactly what she had been doing.

The beautiful blonde retrieves the mouse from her desk and starts waving it up and down, above her head and down to the desk, over and over.

You see, she cries out to the techie.  No matter how many times I move the mouse up and down, the arrow on my computer screen won't budge, not even an inch!


  1. these blonde jokes derive from envy, and they should be shunned. first, they are not funny, second, it is the blond gene that carved out the modern world. you doubt that? consider that the Vikings, blonde as they were, sailed down the volga and populated russia with their blondeness which was forever at war with the black hair black eyed gene of the mongols/tatars/orientals. second, as a bribe to put an end to the raiding of the french coast, the 11th century french king gave Normandy (norman, aka, norsemen, northmen) an immense territory off the southern Atlantic coast of France. did that temper the war machine matriculating in the gene of the norsemen? hardly did a few years pass, when William, Prince of the new kingdom of Normandy, sail off to England to invade in 1066. the only reason the english king lost was he had become wearied from just defeating another viking force invading from the North seeking to expand their holdings in england ruled by the Danelaw. Harald, the english king was caught betwixt and between the two blond armies. the battle of hastings ended with Harald's eye put out by an arrow. Made sightless and soon to be headless, succumbed he did to the blond menace. and what did those blonds, finally do, why they conquered the world in the name of the british empire. who was their great nemesis seeking their own empire of the world, the blond germans, that is who. like everything else in our culture, the blond conquerors were dumbed down to something cute and laughable. well the joke is on the joker, seeing how we have now inherited the gadfly of indeterminate philology and humor. if it hadn't been for the second law of thermodynamics, the world would have ended with the tune of der blonde uber alles.

    1. It's not a joke. It's a true story about a highly educated woman who happened to be blonde!