Sunday, September 28, 2014

Don't worry, I see you!

Newtonville, Massachusetts, 10 A.M. Friday morning - Marash Girl heading east at the Walnut Street crosswalk (corner of Austin Street).  About to cross the street, she met a young woman crossing in  the opposite direction who appeared a bit flustered as she asked Marash Girl, "Did you see that ambulance go by?  It nearly hit me as I was crossing the street, and I was in the crosswalk!"  Marash Girl wondered if the ambulance had been looking for business . . .

Same day, 30 minutes later, on Mt. Auburn Street, crossing Dexter Avenue in Watertown, the heart of the Armenian community --  Armenian funeral homes on opposite corners . . . . a car barely missed Marash Girl as it barreled through the stop sign going about 30 miles an hour, crossing Mt. Auburn Street to Dexter Avenue where Marash Girl was dutifully walking in the cross walk. (She should have known better!)  Alarmed, she called out to the guy driving the car who shouted back out of his car window as he skimmed by, barely missing Marash Girl:  "Don't worry! I see you!" 

Marash Girl wondered if  the guys in the car wanted to drum up a little business for  the funeral homes!

As Marash Girl has noted earlier in this blog, more folks are killed crossing the street using crosswalks than crossing the street between intersections!

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  1. When a culture breeds people who are a law unto themselves, no place or person is safe. It is bad enough When the king arrogates unto himself the Godhead and claims he is above the law, but when that is claimed by the General citizenry, then chaos is sure to follow. One of The values of the Reformation was that it taught biblical law that all were equal before God, that no one was above the law of God. This was a direct assault on the claims of royalty dating all the way back to the pharaohs, and before that, Nimrod. The war of independence was fought to uphold that biblical truth in the face of the rogue King George 3 who sought to restore 'the divine right of kingship', I.e., the king was above the law. With the passing of Reformation Christianity as a defining influence in our culture, we are left with a congress who legislates themselves above the law, a president who rules by executive order, ignoring the Constitution, a judiciary who manufactures law based on the current PC, ignoring precedent. None of this began recently. It has been developing for several generations, it's momentum increasing. That is why looking both ways before crossing on the crosswalks is not enough. Want to be safe? Cross the street in an Abrams Tank.