Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gathering Pears on Wilbraham Mountain

Post-tornado: Wilbraham Mountain, 4 years later.
The top of the mountain in Wilbraham was the place that the Charkoudian family chose as their summer country abode, a replacement for the mountain abode they had frequented in Marash, the land of their forefathers.

The little red "Radio Flyer" wagon that Marash Boy used to play with as a little boy, transplanted by the tornado. 
One of the pear trees survived the tornado!

Success!  A pear!

This year, we were hoping to poach our pears, but as it turned out, someone else beat us to it!

Note: Two pear trees were gifted to Deron and Karoun by Uncle Levon Bilezikian on the occasion of Deron's and Karoun's baptism at the St. Gregory Armenian Church in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts.  (Uncle Levon Bilezikian was born in Marash, married and brought up his family in Paris, moved to Newtonville, Massachusetts in the early 1960's.)  One of those pear trees, the pear tree in the 2 photos above, survived the tornado!


  1. What do mean? Somebody stripped your tree of its pears?

    1. Yes, they poached all the pears that were within arm's reach!

  2. They say "Armudun iyisini ayilar yermis" (Bears eat the better pears)

    1. Or "boors" as the Turkish saying implies! Funny, though, we do have bears in Wilbraham (and boors as well), but they usually don't go after the fruit until it is ripe and ready to eat!