Monday, September 22, 2014

"I wanna be a drunk when I grow up!"

When I was a  boy living on Lincoln Street (which is no longer there) in Brighton, Massachusetts, that was during the 1920's,  I  wanted to be a drunk when I grew up.

Why is that?

Because the drunks that I saw on the streets and sleeping in the hallways of the "Three Castles" (our apartment complex) . . .   those drunks were always happy! replied Peter Bilezikian,  a man who had survived the Armenian Genocide.


  1. Good for Peter to see the bright side! As a child I usually thought drunks were loud, and physically aggressive .. not happy but miserable and mean.

    1. Compared to the misery that he saw around him -- the folks who had lost so many family members and friends during the Armenian genocide -- the drunks were carefree!