Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sultan Abdul Hamid

Yesterday, Marash Girl received via email the above document from her nephew Michael, Grandpa Peter's grandson, a document he had found on the internet recording  Grandpa Peter's membership in the Order of the Masons.  (Note that the nationality is listed as Marashli, Armenia!) Several years after Grandpa Peter had joined the Dalhousie Lodge (Newtonville, Massachusetts) of the Masons, a Roman Catholic priest gifted Grandpa Peter a biography on the life of Sultan Abdul Hamid and in that biography, Grandpa Peter learned that the Sultan who had been responsible for the killing of many Armenians, that very same Sultan had been a Mason!  Grandpa Peter quit the Masons as soon as he learned that fact (and perhaps because, by then, he had become aware of a few other Masonic realities!)


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