Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hydrangeas in the trash!

One of the most beautiful bouquets that Marash Girl has ever seen was laying on the sidewalk in Watertown, bundled up and ready to be picked up next trash day!  Although it was not trash day, Marash Girl picked up the bouquet,  and carried the flowers to Newton Corner where she shared them with her neighbors.  The event brought to mind the day four years ago she came home from Wilbraham, to find her 100 year old (possibly 140 year old) hydrangea bush gone -- only the tree stumps left.  Who could have, who would have stolen a whole tree? Was this God's way of returning what was taken from her . . . and allowing her to share the bounty with her neighbors?

Hydrangeas in the morning on the tree belt in Watertown on Trash Day!
Salvaged hydrangeas that afternoon, somewhat the worse for wear: sharing with the neighbors in Newton Corner
One neighbor replied, "No, thank you, I have a palm tree. I can only take care of one thing at a time!"


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