Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bethel Orphanage, Marash, Turkey

 Present day building that was Bethel Orphanage, Kumbet, Marash, Turkey
The building has four floors and 27 rooms and is presently used as a private residence. Marash Girl wonders who lives there now  . . .  See Marash Girl's blogpost, Saturday, October 18, 2014, for family history related to this building.  See vintage photo below.

Stairs from the past -- Osman Koker sent this photo of the stairs in the Bethel Orphanage -- no wonder blind Grandma Yepros had no trouble managing three flights of stairs at the family home on Lowell Avenue in Newtonville! 

According to Facebook's Bir Zamanlar Marash, as of today, 124 years old and the oldest of the historic mansions still standing in Kahramanmarash, Bethel Orphanage, the oldest German orphanage, four-story masonry building has 27 rooms.

Photo Credits:  Bir Zamanlar Marash, Facebook

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  1. I am surprised., these are belong to my aunt's husband. he is an albanian descent and 70 years old. now they dont live in there. They moved to other district for 15 years ago. also there are a children park in kümbet. before the 1915, this was an armenian cemetery.