Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Pizza? Uh,Uh!" - New York Times

On May 1, 2015, The New York Times published an article by Eric Lipton and Rachel Abrams entitled, "Commonly Used Chemicals Come Under New Scrutiny".  The article should have been entitled, "Pizza Boxes Come Under New Scrutiny"!  The import of the article for those of us who love pizza?  Ya can't order out pizza.  The cardboard of the pizza box contains the poisonous chemical PFAS which readily bleeds from the cardboard into the pizza, and from the pizza, guess where?  So now what . . . Well, if you're Armenian, or at least Marashtsi Armenian, you have no problems.  Just dig out your big, round, trusty sini kufte tray . . . or do you make paklava in that big round tray   . . . and take it along to the pizza shop when ordering, politely asking the pizza man,  "Just put the pizza in here, Խնդրեմ!"

Oh, and don't forget to make sure that the tray is stainless steel and not aluminum . . . (Some Armenian stores now carry the trusty sini kufte/paklava 18 inch in diameter circular trays in stainless steel!)  You wouldn't want to ingest any of  the tomato sauce that may have interacted with the aluminum, thus bringing the possibility of alzheimer's into your future!


  1. ... or simply make your own pizza at home -- dough, sauce and all. Why not? we do! correction, my much-better half does. After all, is pizza-making not part of cooking in any sense of the word? If an Armenian could make "mantee = մանթի" at home with flying colors, then making pizza would be a cakewalk. As a proud Marashtsi myself I KNOW "this" to be true.

    1. Դուք ճիշտ եք! If a Marashtsi Armenian has a sini kufte tray at home, the assumption is that s/he can make sini kufte; and if s/he can make sini kufte (or lamejun, for that matter), s/he can certainly make pizza!

    2. We (rather, mostly her and very little me) make pizza, kufte, lambinjune and many more aleurone ալիւրով delicacies [now, perhaps? we know where the word ալիւր comes from.] BTW, The neologism "lamb-in-june" for lamejun was my own coinage, a mnemonic gift, so I thought, to help my odar friends remember with ease the name of this fantastic "other-pizza", until years later one of the wise guys began calling them "Lambinjuly", and then all hell broke loose as others followed suit and started naming them "lambinaugust" etc., etc. covering the zodiac in its entirety. What a disaster! I should have left them drown in the Lethe, their own river of forgetfulness.

    3. You mean, "now we know where the word aleurone comes from!"

    4. One time I was reading an old book about divination and fortune-telling. And there was the word "Aleuromancy," which is the use of flour for divination. We know "aleuron" is a Greek word for flour. So, ալիւր to sound so much like Aleur and to mean flour at the same time is probably no accident. There are many more words like this, you just have to find them, such as, gyn- and կին. Does this make sense to you dear Marash girl?

    5. How about door and դուռ . . . What else?

    6. Marash Girl's father used to love to find these Indo-European commonalities!

    7. Here are some others from the internet:
      Queen - Gyn
      Eat - Outel (Does this count?)
      Cat - Gadou
      *Cinco-Hink (?)
      Cow - Gov
      Odor - Hod
      Door - Tur
      Foot - Votk
      Listen - Lesel

  2. Marash Boy used to always say he hated pizza because "it tastes like cardboard". Maybe what he was tasting was the PFAS or worse!!!