Tuesday, May 12, 2015

iPhoneless in the Nation's Capital

Her iPhone had not charged during the night, although she had plugged it in the night before  so that it would be charged before she left.  She took the iPhone downstairs that morning and plugged it into her computer so that she would be certain that it would be charged when she left the house for her 4 day journey.  And charge it did -- for 4 days running - as Marash Girl was in such a rush to catch the 6 AM train to Washington, DC  -- a train that would be taking her to see her grandchildren AND to the National Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide Centennial -- yes, she was in such a rush that she left her iPhone charging at home.  No phone calls -- well, that wouldn't have been so bad . . . but no photos for 4 days, 4 days when she would be surrounded by iconic images, historic photographs, antique textiles, and famous Armenian Americans (famous to her, at least) from all over the United States  . . . not to mention her old friends and her daughter and grandchildren!  It was difficult.  Marash Boy tried to comfort her by purchasing a throwaway camera from CVS, but taking photos with that was like trying to wash clothes by hand, feeding the clothes into the ringer one by one, (do you know what a ringer is?  Clue -- it is not a bell!) and using clothespins to hang each piece up, one by one, on a clothesline to dry.  

Marash Girl is still hoping that the throw-away camera has some decent photos to post, but before she'll know that, she has to drop it off at the Watertown CVS to have the photos put onto a disk so that she can transfer the photos from the disk onto this computer and then onto this blog.  

But then, all may not be lost.  Maybe she'll see some famous Armenians that she can photograph with her iPhone at the Watertown CVS . . . 


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