Saturday, May 30, 2015

Turkish Only

 A friend of the family, in fact a neighbor who lived on Waverley Avenue in Newton Corner, Miss Gayzakian was born in Marash, Turkey, early in the 20th Century. She survived the Armenian Genocide.  She was placed in a German Orphanage in Marash, Turkey, in 1920.

When Marash Girl interviewed  Miss Gayzakian in the 1970's, Miss Gayzakian related the following: she and the other Armenian girls in the German orphanage were told that they should speak only Turkish from then on, that Armenian was gone forever.  In fact, the girls were punished by the German missionaries if they were caught speaking Armenian.

Miss Gayzakian's interview was conducted in English and is in storage at the Armenian Museum of America, Watertown, Massachusetts.


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