Friday, May 29, 2015

Oud Repair, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1953

Again an email.  This time from a friend who recently acquired a family heirloom -- the oud her mother had brought with her from Syria, soon after the deportation and mass murders that were a part of the planned genocide of the Armenian people by the Turkish government.

Marash Girl's friend writes, "This is a picture of the writing inside my oud. When I was very little, my mother would play this oud and sing.  My uncle from Springfield would take it out when he played his violin etc.  Everyone in the family and extended family knew my mother had an oud. 
Pete Roberts was able to get between the design covering the writing.  I am so excited!  His son-in-law majored in Byzantium history and will be teaching at Columbia.  He lived in Aleppo where I think my mother bought this oud.  …The mystery continues……"
Marash Boy (a Middle East scholar in his own right) replies, "The Arabic translates: 'My work (product) George Khayik (Khayyak) in Aleppo 1924.'
 As interesting is the label of the repair in Springfield, Massachusetts, on Court House Place, a row of artisan shops, in 1953.  My sister and I had our violins, as did all violin owners in the Commonwealth, repaired by Raoul A Ricard."

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  1. Oud's New HomeMay 29, 2015 at 10:11 AM

    My mother bought the oud in Haleb to play which she did and it has been in our family all this time with everyone very cognizant of it.