Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back Yard Farm Share

Preparing those fresh green beans yesterday (see below) reminded Marash Girl of how spoiled she had been growing up . . . feasting (in the summers) on only the freshest of vegetables.  Grandpa Moses started the tradition by setting up a garden directly behind the kitchen, but it was more than a kitchen garden -- it was a garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley,green  peppers, zucchini and, yes, beans.  Marash Girl's father Peter later took over the tradition and continued with the tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, mint (avouch), zucchini (which they grew under the apple trees in order to save space in the garden) and green string beans.  Marash Girl misses those days, the fresh veggies, being able to pick apples, peaches and plums from her very own back yard trees, cucumbers, green beans . . .  She attempted to continue the tradition in Wilbraham, and she did, until the tornado took it all away. . .


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