Sunday, August 30, 2015

Once In a Blue Moon . . .

Falling asleep as a child in Wilbraham, Karoun and Deron would communicate with each other from their bunks by calling out their favorite Smurfs.  Each had the poster next to their bed  . . . and when Karoun found this poster recently on the internet, she commented, "All the feeling is in the poster!
Can you find Roller Skate Smurfette? Can you find Astronaut Smurf? Papa Smurf with the tennis racket? A baby smurf on the blue moon at the bottom right next to our bunks!"

By the way, have you all seen the blue moon  this month?

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  1. Smurfs were big for '80s kids in Canada, too. I have a vivid aural memory of a Smurfs cassette tape, playing at what seemed a very high volume (but it may just have been the pitch of Smurfs vocals). Travels with my kids in pre-Walkman years required compromises - our resolution: each person in the car, in turn, got to pick the cassette. So I heard a lot of Smurfs and then Madonna. Luckily also got introduced to the Fugees and Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean