Saturday, August 15, 2015

Marashtsi or Kumbetsi? That is the question!

"I would go to my father crying, fearing that they were soon going to beat each other up," remembered Marash Boy as he told of the "arguments" that took place summers on the top of Wilbraham Mountain.  "They were almost ready to come to fisticuffs, shouting, 'The folks from Kumbet are not Marashtsis,' as the folks from Kumbet shouted back, in defense of their allegiance to Marash, 'We are Marashtsis!'"  

"My father only laughed and said, 'Don't worry, my son!'  The folks from Kumbet are Marashtsis, although (thankfully) our family is not from Kumbet!  We are true Marashtsis!"  

Marash Girl is not sure that Marash Boy knew, at the time that he married her, that Marash Girl's family is from Kumbet!


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