Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Parrot on Lowell Avenue

Much to Grandma Jennie's dismay, the Luchardi Brothers, good friends of Grandpa Peter,  gifted the family a very rude, very loud parrot, a parrot which quickly took command of the living room on Lowell Avenue.  The parrot would squawk loudly -- HELLO -- whenever it pleased.  The kids tried to teach it other words, but only "Hello" would come out of its beak . . . Hello, that is, until one day, in the middle of a fun family gathering, it screeched out, "Hurry Up! I Need To Go To The Bathroom!"  Wonder where he ever learned that phrase!

Soon after that incident, Grandma Jennie DID get rid of that very rude, very loud parrot.  She returned the parrot, with kind regards, to the Luchardi Brothers. I wonder what they thought about the parrot's newly acquired sentence!


  1. Who were the Luchardi Borthers? Perhaps a future MarashGirl post profiling the Luchardi Brothers and their connection to Peter?

    1. They were plumbers who worked with Newtonville Electric (Peter and Paul) and later sold their plumbing business for a liquor store. A lot of money in liquor, but as Peter noted, every one of them got sick after that; for that reason, though they encouraged Peter to do so, he would never touch a business that could bring down families and individuals the way liquor can.