Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Grandpa Moses' Ahır dağı

When Marash Girl showed her daughter the  photo below, and pointed out the flat roofs, her daughter queried, "Why flat roofs?"
Marash looking to the north at Ahır dağı, probably taken about the time of Grandpa Moses' early life. (see post below).                                                                     Photo courtesy of Kahraman Marash Facebook Page

Why flat roofs?  Let's see if Marash Girl can remember some of the reasons her father told her. . .

The Armenians used to make tomato paste by spreading out the processed fresh tomatoes on trays and leaving the trays up there to dry.  They used to dry fruit up there. . When it was hot in the house, we used to sleep on the roofs.  It was cooler up there.  In fact, Paul and I always knew which of his four wives the man next door was going to sleep with . . . . that would be the woman who arranged the bedding on the roof that evening.  


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