Thursday, February 25, 2016

As tax season rolls around . . .

As tax season rolls around, Marash Boy cannot refrain from quoting his uncle, Karekin Charkoudian, who was an  Armenian from Marash, Turkey, an immigrant from the Ottoman Empire,  an Armenian American who never stopped appreciating the United States . .  the United States and what it meant --ultimately -- for him and his family:  freedom from fear, oppression, and possible death.  Whenever April 15 was nearing, Uncle Karekin would tell all who would listen, "Pay your taxes with a smile!"

As we in the United States gear up for the grueling task of gathering our documents in preparation for April 15 -- even if only to give those documents to a tax accountant -- Marash Girl's revision? "Prepare your taxes with a smile!"

Comment:  Easier said than done!


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