Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dessert -- Light and Simple

Reminiscing yesterday evening, Marash Girl remembered a simple yet elegant dessert she used to make in the days that she and Marash Boy lived on Beacon Hill, an Armenian dessert Marash Boy remembered his mother making when he was growing up. . . a light sweet "soup", if you will!  Here it is. 

Soak overnight in the refrigerator: 1/2 cup of golden raisins in 2 cups of water to which has been added orange blossom water (available at Middle East grocery stores)  -- approximately a teaspoon of orange blossom water to a cup of water, test it out.  Add a handful of pine nuts just before serving.  (You don't want to soak the pine nuts.) Since Marash Girl has not made this in years, she cannot remember whether or not she added sugar to the water, so be creative when you're making this and taste test as you go. 

An elegant, cool, light, and unusual dessert to serve after what might have been a heavy meal.  Marash Girl tried to find this recipe elsewhere, but failed, so it may have originated with Marash Boy's mother who was born in Marash in the early 1900's.  Marash Girl's friend  (daughter of Armenian parents -- she grew up outside of Worcester, MA) remembers her mother making it as well. Any one out there ever tasted this dessert?


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