Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Back in the Kitchen

Do you love iceberg lettuce the way Deron and Marash Girl love iceberg lettuce? If you love it . . . then pound that lettuce! It's a quick and easy way to rid the lettuce of its core without losing (or crushing) any of the leaves . . . with one hand on each side, hold the lettuce upright, with its core facing the cutting board; then pound it down (just once is all you need) onto the cutting board so that its core hits the cutting board without hurting the head of lettuce itself.  The core will immediately free itself from the rest of the lettuce and there you'll have coreless iceberg lettuce ready to wash and prepare in whatever way you wish, AND without losing one lettuce leaf . . .

In the interest of never throwing away food, Marash Girl is certain there'll be someone in the house who loves iceberg lettuce cores!


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