Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More on Family Wedding Traditions . . .

Have you ever slept on your slice of wedding cake?

What is Marash Girl talking about?

When Marash Girl was growing up, the bride and groom always left slices of wedding cake for the guests to take home as a memento of the wedding, and the guests . . . if they were single women . . . were encouraged to place that piece of wedding cake [wrapped, of course, in a napkin,] under their pillow on the night of the wedding so that they would dream that night of the man they would marry.

Marash Girl shared that memory with CC, and CC did exactly as she was told, placing her piece of wedding cake under her pillow the night of the wedding and yes, she did dream of a young man the very night of the wedding, a young man that she knew . . . the question now is whether or not she will marry that young man . . . or whether or not she will even know that young man when she is old enough to marry!


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