Friday, May 6, 2016

Prof. Lerna Ekmekçioglu Speaks on Armenian Feminists in Post-Genocide Turkey

Prof. Lerna Ekmekçioglu - Photo by Marash Girl
Prof. Lerna Ekmekçioglu
Photo by Marash Girl
Yesterday evening at ALMA, Prof. Lerna Ekmekçioglu  presented on the subject, "Armenian Feminists in Post-Genocide Turkey".  Her talk highlighted the life and work of Haiganoush Mark and the Armenian Feminist Writers of the early 20th Century.  The title of her recently published book speaks for itself.  To learn more, buy the book! 

Cartoon of Haiganoush Mark depicted as a suffragette with banners of the Armenian Women's Association (left) and Hay Gin (Armenian Woman) (right)  in Dzablvar Darekirk, 1921 - Photo Credit: Lerna Ekmekçioglu
Haiganoush Mark and her husband - Public Domain Photo

"Hai Gin" - Tombstone of Haiganoush Mark and her husband.
(Note that her husband's epitaph is in the last three lines at the bottom of the gravestone).

Photo credit: Lerna Ekmekçioglu


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