Friday, May 27, 2016

Love Salmon? Read This Warning from the Center for Food Safety

First farm raised salmon painted pink (see Marash Girl: )

Now this misguided approach to food intended for human consumption reprinted below -- help keep our food sources safe from potentially harmful human intervention . . . a warning from the Center for Food Safety:

As you know, CFS has recently filed a lawsuit challenging the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the first ever genetically engineered (GE) animal intended for human consumption, a genetically engineered salmon. The GE salmon is engineered to grow faster than conventional salmon with genetic material from an ocean eel pout.  GE salmon that escape containment could harm critically endangered salmon populations by interbreeding or competing with them for food. The manufacturer, AquaBounty, has said it intends to grow the GE salmon in the U.S. and at locations around the world, but currently its commercialization facilities are at two sites, on Prince Edward Island in Canada and in Panama.As part of our important lawsuit, we are looking for CFS members directly affected by FDA’s approval of GE salmon.

Specifically, we are looking to hear from members who meet one or more of the following criteria: 

(1)    you are an outdoor or nature enthusiast in the Northeastern U.S. who is concerned about the potential harm to wild Atlantic salmon from GE salmon;
(2)    you fish and utilize the Atlantic ocean coastal areas or Gulf of Maine waters, either commercially or recreationally, and are concerned about the impacts of GE salmon on your livelihood or recreational use; 
(3)    you work in fishing-related industries, and are concerned about the impacts of GE salmon on your livelihood; or
(4)    you have significant economic or environmental interests in the survival and successful recovery of wild Atlantic salmon fisheries, and are concerned about the impacts of GE salmon on your interests.
If you meet any of the above mentioned criteria, your experiences and concerns may be critical to the success of CFS’s fight to stop GE salmon. Please email In your response, please tell us: (1) how you fit the above-mentioned criteria and your specific concerns regarding the GE salmon; (2) your city and state of residence. 

Thank you,
Center for Food Safety


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