Friday, May 20, 2016

The Ultimate in Hands-Off Food Preparation: An Egg Scrambler!

Back to the kitchen . . . For those of you pacifists who don't wish to beat anything, much less an egg, there's a solution:  the latest in "work saving devices" . . . The Egg Scrambler!
Have you seen it on supermarket shelves yet? One note of caution -- once the egg is scrambled inside of the eggshell, you still have to know how to crack the egg without any eggshell bits falling into the already scrambled egg . . . eggshell bits that will be far more difficult to detect because you have already scrambled the egg inside of the shell.  (For hints on how to remove eggshell bits from the already dropped egg, see Marash Girl, June 5, 2012, "It Takes One to Know One, or How to Catch a Bit of Eggshell with Another Egg Shell".)


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