Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Fisher Cat in Newton Corner?

  -- I can't believe it but I just saw a fisher cat walk past our house!!! (I had never seen one before but google had a picture of it: and that's exactly what we saw -- 10 minutes ago, just after dusk.)   Maybe he was attracted by the iris that are about to be planted, or the water that I gave the iris before I went in for the evening!!!!  [Written Monday evening, May 27th, 2013]


  1. Last night around 1 AM I was awoken by loud savage growling/snarling/screeching - followed by a cat crying and discovered what I believe to be a fisher terrorizing someone's cat in a tree out side my window directly on Waltham Street in West Newton. I pelted him with rocks and he dropped to the ground and ran into a yard on North Northgate.

    Never heard such an aggressive viscous sounding animal. Keep an eye out for your small pets.

  2. Unearthly screams heard at around 9 o'clock last night (June 2) were that of a fisher cat fighting with what appeared to be a raccoon in the tree in the front yard of a neighbor's house in Newton Corner. The second time this week we've spotted the varmint! It ran screaming toward a neighbor girl who was walking home and freaked her out!

  3. I live next to Cold Spring and they make a lot of noise, if it's the same animal, at night. Their howling/screeching sets off the neighborhood dogs so it gets a little crazy

    1. Haven't seen the fisher cat, nor heard it after the fiasco in June! Thank goodness!