Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Fly in the Raisin Bread . . .

A bit late for publication, this post was written on the occasion of Mother's Day.

Breakfasting at Panera this morning, Marash Girl ordered a bacon, egg & cheese breakfast sandwich.  The sandwich arrived with great dispatch and Marash Girl, beginning to eat the sandwich, thought that something was amiss; as she peered between the layers of whole wheat toast, she noticed that, yes, something was not right.  The bacon was missing!  Going to the kitchen to report the missing bacon, Marash Girl was surprised when the cook did not simply hand her some bacon, but rather gave her the bacon enclosed in a whole "nother" sandwich.

Why did Marash Girl think the short order cook was going to simply hand her the bacon?

Flash back to Marash Girl's childhood and a favorite story of Marash Girl's father -- the story of the raisin bread.  This is how Peter told it.

"Abie, here's some money -- go to the baker and buy a loaf of raisin bread."

Abie did as he was told.  He walked to the baker's shop and brought home a loaf of raisin bread.

On inspecting the bread, Abie's mother noticed that there was a fly in the raisin bread.

"Abie, go back to the baker and tell him that there is a fly in the raisin bread."

Abie walked back to the bakery and told the baker, as his mother had instructed,  "My mother said to tell you that there is a fly in the raisin bread."

The baker thought for a moment and replied:  "Bring me the fly and I'll give you a raisin."


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