Monday, May 13, 2013

Praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

Praying at the Wailing Wall.

Special to the New York Times
Published: March 21, 1989
A group of Jewish women trying to hold a prayer service at the Wailing Wall were attacked today by rigorously Orthodox men and forced to flee when the police fired tear gas to disperse the attackers
New York Times ‎- May 11, 2013
JERUSALEM — Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews tried to block a liberal women's group from praying at the Western Wall (more commonly known as the Wailing Wall)  on Friday morning, ...

These ongoing notices in the New York Times, although very serious in nature, bring to mind a joke that Marash Girl heard recently.
A journalist covering Jerusalem,  walked by the Wailing Wall  every day, and every day he noticed the same man praying aloud, praying for peace at the Wailing Wall.  Finally, after a month, the journalist stopped, waited until the prayerful man was ready to leave, and asked him,  "Every day for the past month I have walked by the Wailing Wall, and every day I hear you praying for peace.  How does that make you feel?"
The man looked at the journalist and answered, "I feel like I'm talking to a wall."

N.B.   Politcally correct folks now refer to the Wailing Wall as the Western Wall.


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