Monday, May 20, 2013

Bamya: Okra Stew, Armenian Style

Marash Boy:  When I was a kid, my mother always sent me to the "colored" section of Springfield to purchase the best okra -- the "best" meaning the smallest, of course!

Here's the way Medzmama prepared fresh okra (or bamya, as she called it).

Bamya, Armenian Style

Rinse and trim off the stems of young, tender okra.
Peel and slice onions; using a heavy iron pot, sauté  the onions in olive oil.
Add the okra and stir ever so gently.
Add canned whole tomatoes or fresh tomatoes, chopped into large pieces.
Simmer over stove top until okra is tender.
Add salt, pepper, and the juice of lemon(s) to taste,

For special occasions, Medzmama would spread the prepared, yet uncooked okra onto a tray several inches deep, decorate the surface of the okra mixture with dried apricots, and bake in a slow oven for about an hour.  Presented in the tray decorated with apricots, the bamya became a festive dish.

Serve bamya hot over boulghour pilaf. [See Marash Girl's recipes for boulghour pilaf by clicking this link.]


Delicious, that is, if you like okra!  [Grandma Jennie used to make okra when Marash Girl was a kid; no further comment necessary.]


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