Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Fox that Sang at Dusk

Amazing to learn about nature in your own backyard, nature that you have never seen on the top of a mountain or in the Wilbraham woods.

Marash Girl had always loved foxes . . . from the days that she used to read, and then sing to the children about the fox that went out on a chilly night,
to the time that she saw a red fox dancing in the sunlight on top of a Plum Island sand dune, to the time when a beautiful red fox wandered through her very own suburban side yard.  

You may recall that Marash Girl heard a bird calling just after the fall of night on Memorial Day, soon before the fisher cat appeared. . . She asked Marash Boy, "What bird would be singing after dark?"  She had asked that question earlier (see, but these bird calls, the ones she heard at dusk on Memorial Day, were calls and not whistles.

As Marash Girl researched the screams of the fisher cat, she noticed that there were recordings of a fox, and listening to those recordings, Marash Girl was somewhat in shock. . . Those yips recorded on the internet were the very "bird" calls she had heard at dusk on Memorial Day. . . so beware . . . your ears may deceive you!  When you hear birds calling in the dark, you may be hearing a red fox, and not a "night bird" at all!

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  1. Reynard sings a nocturne. Can he sing Lusnyak Gisher?

    Sassountsi Davit