Friday, May 31, 2013

A new use for that old toothbrush!

You know, Joan told Marash Girl, you can get any stain out with a toothbrush -- no, not a stain on your tooth, unfortunately, but a stain on your clothes.  Just dip the toothbrush into  detergent and scrub a dub dub on the spot you wish to remove from your otherwise lovely (washable) garment; then throw that garment (white cotton pants, were they?) in with the rest of your wash.  Voila.  The garment will come out of the wash with no sign of the stain whatsoever.  And you don't even have to use a chemical stain remover!  

When Marash Boy heard tell of Joan's toothbrush trick, he was reminded of the day that little Lorig found a toothbrush beside the wrench and the pliers in his tool box.  She kept looking at that toothbrush, unable to understand what a toothbrush would be doing on the work bench down cellar in her father's toolbox.  

Well, what did you use the toothbrush for? asked Marash Girl. 

Marash Boy:  For brushing away the dust and grime from screws and bolts and hard to get at corners, of course!  What else would I use an old toothbrush for?


  1. A toothbrush is one of my favorite kitchen tools! I like to keep one handy for scrubbing things like the little grooves in the bowl of the food processor stuff gets stuck in, or the blade on the electric can opener when it eventually gets gummed up, etc.

  2. I thought it was me who used to stare at the toothbrush.