Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lobster Rolls in Monson, Massachusetts?

Marash Girl, a lover of lobster, and especially lobster rolls,  returning from a (sad) visit to Wilbraham, consumed  (in totality) the king of lobster rolls.  On a toasted bun and covered with melted butter, the lobster roll, served hot, (can you believe it?) was full of succulent large, tender pieces of lobster.  Upon asking the owner why she served her lobster rolls hot, she answered,
"My husband comes from New Haven. The folks in New Haven always serve their lobster rolls hot!"

An unlikely place to stop if you didn't know better, CJ's  hot lobster roll is worth the trip out Route 20 to Monson/Palmer, Massachusetts:
371 Wilbraham St, Palmer, MA 01069
(413) 283-2196
 And for those of you who prefer burgers to lobster, CJ's offers your choice of 2 hamburgers, 2 cheeseburgers or 2 hot dogs with fries for $4.99!!!

You can eat outdoors or more sedately indoors in a rather nicely paneled dining area.

The only reason you might think twice about stopping at CJ's (if you didn't know better) is its location, right next to the  Magic Lantern, a strip joint that's been going strong on Route 20 (Boston Road), Monson, MA since at least the 1940's!


  1. Both the pictures and the description bring memories of the '60s and the early '70s. I grew up in Hopkinton and my folks were in the antique business which took us around a good deal of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I remember lobster rolls and I remember places like CJ's out in the country that offered good deals and good food, including seafood. There was a restaurant near Norton where I used to eat huge plates of jumbo shrimp and fries for $3.00. Then there was a bar in Tyngsborough or Tewksbury that offered all the steamed clams you could eat for .99 cents. And the Merrimac Cafe in Laurence. It's good to hear that there are still places like that. The mention of lobster roll makes my mouth water.

    Sassountsi Davit

  2. If it wasn't a Saturday I would have joined you!