Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mystery at Cold Spring Park: The Handwriting on the Wall

"This is to inform you that I didn't die young." (Look to the left side of the cement foundation for the hand printed message.)                               Photo by Marash Girl

Walking through Cold Spring Park on a cold spring day, Marash Girl and Marash Boy came upon an old cellar hole with the following message printed neatly on the cracked cement foundation:
"This is to inform you that I didn't die young."

Unsure as to who wrote the message or why, whether the owner of the house or the house itself was the "I" in the sentence, and who the "you" was meant to be, Marash Boy and Marash Girl decided to depart the scene quietly, leaving the mystery  for a Newton author of the mystery genre to discover and uncover!


  1. It is a line from a poem by Jim Harrison, called "Barking." Here it is. Simple. Succinct. Sincere. But also profound!

    The moon comes up.
    The moon goes down.
    This is to inform you
    that I didn’t die young.
    Age swept past me
    but I caught up.
    Spring has begun here and each day
    brings new birds up from Mexico.
    Yesterday I got a call from the outside
    world but I said no in thunder.
    I was a dog on a short chain
    and now there’s no chain.

    1. The question still remains: Who wrote this quotation and why there???