Friday, June 21, 2013

If you're Armenian, you'll take great pride in these "facts"!

Marash Girl just received this email from a (non-Armenian) high school classmate who lives in Bali who received the email from an Egyptian Armenian who now lives in Australia.  Can't vouch for the facts, but if you're Armenian, you'll take great pride in these "facts"!


The self-wringing sponge named Quickie was invented by PETER VOSBIKIAN

LUTHER SIMJIAN invented the ATM, military flight simulator, and the postage meter
ALBERT KAPIKIAN invented the Rotravirus vaccine injector

ROGER ALTOUNIAN invented the pressured inhaler and sodium therapy

PETER TER-POGOSSIAN was one of the fathers of positron emission tomography (PET) scanner, It was the first functional brain imaging technique

RAYMOND DAMADIAN invented the MRI machine

JIRAYR TEZEL invented the hair transplantation device

VARAZTAD KAZANJIAN is the father of plastic surgery

HAMPAR KELIKIAN invented the limb restoration surgical technique

ARA and BARON DARZI co-invented the minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery

Cybernetic communication expert HAIG KAFAFIAN designed aircraft control and missile guidance systems

EMIK AVAKYAN invented the text to speech to microfilm

ALEX MANOOGIAN is responsible for the single-faucet design (Delta)

ARDASHES AYKANIAN invented the bendy and spoon straw, the firm form of Tupperware, the blue strip on car windshields

RUEN ESKERJIAN invented an anti-aircraft gun during WWII

SEMYON KIRLIAN is the inventor of high-voltage photography

HARRY TOROSSIAN invented the ice cream cone and the Melba toast

HARRY K. DAGHLIAN Jr. was part of the Manhattan Project during WWII.

OSCAR H. BANKER (ASADOOR SARAFIAN) of Chicago is one of the most prolific American inventors. He invented helicopter controls for Sikorsky helicopters and the first practical car automatic transmission. His design is now the standard worldwide

Armenian MELIK TANGIEV of the Soviet Union designed the first oil platform in open sea (the Caspian)

In 1916 STEPHAN STEPANIAN of the US designed the first ready-mix concrete trucks

ED ISKENDERIAN invented (1963) the hydraulic racing camshaft

BORIS BABAYAN is the father of the Soviet superconductor

ARTHUR H. BULBULIAN invented the oxygen mask (A-14) for the US Air Force in 1914

ARDEM MIKOYAN, the younger brother of Soviet politician ANASTAS MIKOYAN, is the co-inventor of the MiG fighter

Mathematician LEONID KHACHIYAN invented the system which solved linear programming problemsconsidered intractable until then.
Armenia-based astronomer VICTOR HAMPARTSOUMIAN was one of the founders of theoretical astrophysics. He did most of his work at the Pyuragan Observatory in Armenia

GIACOMO LUIGI CIAMICIAN, an Armenian-Italian scientist who was nominated nine times for the Nobel Prize, is the father of the solar panel and a number of solar energy applications

In 1954 Dr. EDWARD KEONJIAN, microelectronics guru, designed the first solar-powered, pocket-sized radio transmitter

AVEDIS TEVANIAN was the chief software technology officer and senior VP of software engineering at Apple Computers. He was a pioneer in creating cross platform development environments used worldwide

ALEXANDER KEMURDZIAN, founder of space transport engineering, designed the first Moon and Mars Rovers. In the 1940 he also designed the first remote vehicle.
CHRISTOPHER DER-SEROPIAN was given the first claim patent for the color of the US dollar in 1954

In 1949 RICHARD DONCHIAN developed the trend-timing method of futures investing and introduced the mutual fund concept in money management

HOVHANNES APKAR ADAMIAN made significant improvements to the principles of B/W and color TV broadcasting

The worlds first and most-sophisticated radio-optical telescope was built by Paris Herouni in 1960. It was named the Herouni Mirror Radio Telescope

GREGOR GURZADIAN of Armenia was a pioneer in the construction and use of small space telescopes20 years before the Hubble. He made UV and X-Ray observations on the sun through his space telescope

Dr. ARA MIRZOYAN, formerly of the Pyuragan Observatory in Armenia and now director of the Galaxy Company there, led a team of Armenian scientists in 2012 to make the largest Cherenkov telescope in the world. The 560-tonne HESSE II (High Energy Cosmic Gamma Ray Astronomy) telescope has 875 mirrors and every one of them has the word ARMENIA written on it. The telescope has an area of 600 square metres. The observatory was located in Namibia because atmospheric conditions are most advantageous in that region of South Africa.
[End of email]

We all know that Peter Paul Almond Joy & Mounds were made by Peter Paul Halajian who was a candy retailer in the New Haven, Connecticut, area in the early 20th century. 

And Marash Boy's Armenian friend from Springfield, Massachusetts, invented the flexible straw (although Marash Girl found no confirmation of this fact)!


  1. You should also add:
    Richard Yegan invented voicemail to text messaging, called DictoMail.

  2. voicemail to text messaging is used by Google Voice and cellular carrier voicemail apps.