Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Womanning" the polls, Newton, Massachusetts

Yesterday was Special Election Day in Newton, Massachusetts. (Ed Markey (D) vs. Gabriel Gomez (R) running for United States Senate and Scott Lennon running unopposed for Newton's Alderman-At-Large.) Having been asked to help "man" the polls, Marash Girl did her level best to do so.  Side by side with her cohort checking folks out after they had voted (there were two ballots), she and her male sidekick hunted for streets, street numbers, and names in their books listing Newton's registered voters.  But as happens in life, the hunt turned into a competition, and, in this case, a competition between men and women, at least that's the way the women waiting to check out saw it, as they cheered Marash Girl on for being the first to find their street and address.  

It pays to pay attention in second grade!!!


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