Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Ancient Wedding Tale . . . Another Nasreddin Hodja Story

Nasreddin Hodja,  in his humble daily attire,  walked across the village to the wedding celebration.  The greeter at the entrance to the tent, looked at Nasreddin Hodja and would not allow Hodja to enter the wedding reception.  "You can't come in here looking like that!"

Nasreddin Hodja returned home and changed into his finest clothing.  Returning across the village to the wedding tent, Hodja was welcomed.  "Enter, enter, esteemed Nasreddin Hodja!" 

Nasreddin Hodja entered the wedding tent, was escorted to a table, and before him were placed the most elegant of wedding tasties.

With his right hand, Hodja opened the wide left sleeve of his wedding coat, and started pouring food down the sleeve.  

In horror, the guests surrounding him screamed, "Hodja, what are you doing?"

Nasreddin Hodja answered, "I'm feeding my coat.  It's clear that my coat was welcomed at this wedding celebration; not me!"

N.B. Grandpa Peter, born in Marash, would love to tell the tale!

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  1. this reminds me of a recent news story about a newly-hired pastor who came to the church looking like a homeless person, bearded and begging. Congregants received him coldly, which was the basis of his first sermon thereafter. However, the story, while similar to verifiable incidents, could not be verified