Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cutler Park, Needham, Massachusetts: No peace for the city-weary!

Cutler Park, Needham, MA  Photo by Marash Girl
Cutler Park, Needham, MA - - As deafening as the cacophony from Route 128 (heard but not seen) 
Cutler Park, Needham, MA  Photo by Marash Girl
is the intimidation of the illegally off leash dogs romping the trails, their masters heedless of the signs.

                          Above, an abandoned well in Cutler Park -- an accident waiting to happen?
                                                                         Photo by Marash Girl

                              Is this the direction in which all of our public parks are headed?

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  1. Complain much?

    Cripes, it is what it is; an oasis among a business park jungle. Hell, I think the 'well' is rather interesting. Don't like assholes who let their dogs off-leash? That's pretty much everywhere, good luck not running into that.