Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Blue Dolphin and the Nuns in Black

Walking past Rowe's Wharf on the Boston waterfront brought back the vivid memory of an art opening at the Blue Dolphin in the late 1960's.  Appproaching the gallery on that early summer evening long ago, Marash Girl and Marash Boy were met by nuns in black habit fleeing out the door of the Blue Dolphin. Whatever could be going on?  Entering the art gallery, and wandering into the back rooms, (where Marash Boy insists there were still some nuns in black habits, tittering as they viewed the paintings,) Marash Girl viewed painting after painting of nude males in various positions of lust and ludity . . . .or rather nudity . . .

"What ever happened?  Why would nuns be attending the opening of such a show?" Marash Girl asked the owner.

"We mailed out the announcements to the wrong list!" wailed the owner.

[Sorry!  No photos!]


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