Thursday, August 22, 2013

On Shaking Hands, Part II

Is shaking hands a  gesture of friendship or a gesture of power?  The thought occurred to Marash Girl as she remembered her father,  a 95 year old man at the time, who had a 40 year old hulk crying for mercy crumbled to the ground, just because the young man had crossed the 95 year old man and, on attempting to make up, had not had the sense to shake hands as men should, and as Marash Girl's father had always taught -- with his hand all the way in.
"When you shake hands, place your hand all the way in to the web at the thumb of the other hand, web to web, or you'll risk having your hand crushed." So taught the man with the iron grip, Marash Girl's dad.  "If you don't do as I suggest, you can, at will, crush the other hand, or the other hand may crush yours."

(See Marash Girl's earlier post "On Shaking Hands".)


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