Friday, August 23, 2013

The Garden Water Faucet Handle That Disappeared

And speaking of gardens growing (weren't you?), how can they grow without water?  And how can they be watered without a water faucet during a long dry spell?  And how can anyone open a faucet without a handle? That was Marash Girl's plight this morning as her outdoor water faucet flew off its handle (literally) and was nowhere to be found.  After searching (literally) high and low, Marash Girl headed to her local hardware store (yes, there's still a local hardware store in Newton Corner) and bought another water faucet handle, this time, a red one.
The new red water faucet handle.
Unfortunately, the nut securing the faucet handle had "flown the coup" as well, and the nut Marash Girl had purchased from the hardware store did not fit on the bolt securing the water faucet;  the faucet handle worked without the nut, however, and thus she was (finally) able to turn off the water that was giving sustenance to (and at this point nearly drowning) her garden.   Concerned that the handle would once again fly away, Marash Girl reported her plight to Marash Boy. 

"Don't worry, he said. Just put the handle in your pocket. . . "

"In my pocket?" Marash Girl answered, nonplussed.   

"Sure," answered Marash Boy who had worked in the city for many years. "In the inner city, folks never leave the water faucet handles on the outdoor faucets  . . . they take the handles with them . . . "

"Why is that?" Marash Girl queried.

"So that neighborhood kids won't turn the water on!"

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