Monday, August 19, 2013

Medzmama and King Arthur

Medzmama made the best Armenian pastries, all by hand (and arms), all from scratch.  She made the best Italian loaf bread.  And she always started with King Arthur Flour.  When friends came over to learn her secrets, she gladly shared all she knew, including the fact that she used King Arthur Flour.  They tried, following her directions, and failed.  Time and time again.  She went over the recipe and reviewed procedure with them as often as they asked, step by step, but to no avail.  They're bread never came out the same.  

Today, walking through the supermarket to purchase King Arthur Flour, and spying the 5 and 10 pound bags, I was reminded of the secret, the reason Medzmama's imitators always failed.  As instructed by her, they purchased and used King Arthur Flour when attempting to follow Medzmama's recipes, yes.  Medzmama purchased and used King Arthur Flour for all that she baked, yes.  But apparently, back in the day, the flour in the 25 pound bags of King Arthur Flour that Medzmama used was not the same flour as the flour in the 5 pound bags that her would be imitators used, and that is what made the difference!


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