Friday, August 16, 2013

Iffar and Enila visit the Springfield Museum Complex, Springfield, Massachusetts

  Visiting blogger Enila writes . . .
     While looking thru the window of the butterfly exhibit at the Springfield Museum complex, we were confronted by a young guard who accused us of sneaking into the museum -- Why?  Because we were not wearing stickers.  Immediately feeling guilty, although we had no reason to, we turned back to go to the front desk so that the guard there could confirm that we were members . . . on the way, we were diverted by the goodies in the gift shop, or should I say the gifties in the goods shop . . . As we drooled over all of the overpriced items that were for sale, knowing that once they got home, they would be immediately lost under our beds, the very same guard came up to us and gave us the stickers that we should have been wearing from the first moment that we walked into the exhibit hall.  Well, I guess we learned our lesson.

     Comforted by our stickers, we proceeded across the courtyard (passing the Dr. Seuss stick house on our way) to see the motorcycle exhibit.  Interested in the "action" that the exhibit offered all comers, we were able to try on the leather jackets, mount and pretend to ride an Indian Motorcycle, a motorcycle that had been manufactured in Springfield, Massachusetts, by the famous, though now defunct, Indian Motorcycle Factory.   Photos to follow.


  1. I loved ummmmm . . . the motorcycles . . .
    We got to play in the Dr. Seuss stick house, which we had seen on TV at home in Maryland. Marash Girl promises to post a picture of us in the stick house as soon as she gets back to her computer ... Iffar

  2. The goodies in the gift shop, or rather, the gifties in the goods shop, (in my case, jeweled hair barrettes,) were really helping my hair stay in place . . . it was a windy day.