Sunday, August 4, 2013

Car wreck in Newton Corner?

Photo by Marash Girl
Yesterday, while on her morning walk, Marash Girl took the short cut she typically takes, walking behind her local fire station, rather than across the wide front driveway. (God forbid there should be a fire emergency while Marash Girl traversed the long skirt that fronts the neighborhood fire station.)   There, behind the fire station,  next to the Salvation Army donation box, a trashed car  lay on its back, its Massachusetts license plates still attached, its interior doused with water   . . . what in the . . . ????  Had someone dumped a car there as a donation to the Salvation Army?  As an ill advised joke? Had someone simply abandoned a car there after an accident?  Or had there been an accident right there, behind the fire station?  Marash Girl pondered as she continued her morning constitutional . . . . On her way back, this time walking across the front apron of the fire station, Marash Girl approached a fireman and asked, "Do you know that there's an abandoned car behind your fire station?" The fireman grinned at Marash Girl . . . "Not to worry . . .  it's only for practice, so that we know how to save folks when an automobile accident actually happens!"


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