Friday, August 2, 2013

Armenian String Cheese at the Truro Farmer's Market? Who knew!

Armenian String Cheese at the Truro Farmer's Market?  Marash Girl couldn't believe the words on the sign, nor could she accept the fact that the stand was, in fact,   selling real Armenian String Cheese. . . 

Ever the doubter (and much to the chagrin of her hostess), Marash Girl questioned the seller; Marash Girl had to know how the cheese was made, had to see the cheese, had to taste the cheese.  

Marash Girl asked how the cheese was made, and yes, it was made the way she had made it years ago (although this cheese had not been made by an ethnic Armenian).  Marash Girl looked at the cheese, and yes, it looked right, although not braided perfectly, nor braided into as large a mass as Armenian String Cheese is, typically, but then let's not be too particular.  Marash Girl tasted the cheese and, true to its promise, it was Armenian String Cheese, and, Marash Girl has to admit, so much fresher than the Armenian String Cheese that comes in from California -- almost as good as the Armenian String Cheese that Marash Girl and her compatriots made many years ago in a Winchester, Massachusetts, kitchen!

Conclusion:  If you're ever in Truro, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, on a Monday morning during the summer, be sure to drop by Fromage a Trois and ask for their Armenian String Cheese.  Tell them Marash Girl sent you!


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