Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ichli Kufte and the College Girl

One evening, many years ago, at the house on Lowell Avenue, Dr. and Mrs. Wheeler visited Uncle Paul and Auntie Zabelle.  Auntie Zabelle had prepared ichli kufte for supper (one of Marash Girl's favorites, by the way . . . if you've never eaten it, you have a treat in store for you!)  Mrs. Wheeler, whose ancestors had arrived on these shores aboard the Mayflower and who had had the benefit of a college degree from a prestigious woman's college, began to eat the kufte.  This is delicious, she commented, but how did you get the stuffing inside of the kufte? she asked Auntie Zabelle.
Ichli Kufte cut in half
[Above image borrowed from the internet.]
"You went to Radcliffe," her husband commented dourly.  "You figure it out!"


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