Monday, August 26, 2013

"Apprivoiser": More Handwriting on the Wall - Northampton, Massachusetts

"Apprivoiser" veut dire "creer des liens."    Photo by Marash Girl

Written in chalk on a back brick wall in Northampton, Massachusetts, is the above quotation from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince -- translated, it means, "To tame or domesticate means to create links or ties."  When the little prince is talking to the fox, the fox says (and here Marash Girl is paraphrasing), "In order for me to become friends with you, you have to create ties with me, you have to tame me . . . "  "Well, what does that mean?" asks the Little Prince.  The fox answers,  "Every day you have to come at the same hour, and every day you must come a little bit closer to me until you tame me. . .  "

Why did a chalker take the time to stop and scratch "Apprivoiser veut dire creer des liens" onto the brick?  Only because s/he happened to have a piece of chalk in the right hand and a brick wall on the left? Who, we should ask the chalker, is the prince, and who, dear chalker, is the fox? Or, as the little prince asked, "What does it mean?"


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