Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wild Mint? Armenian անուխ?

"I remember these flowers -- they used to be everywhere in Wilbraham," Marash boy commented as we walked to the corner of Maple Avenue.  There they were, in all their wild glory, proudly lifting their heads from the corner of the last driveway on the street, coming up through the gravel and asphalt.
Photo by Marash Girl, անանուխ by God
"Those aren't only flowers -- that's anoukh (անանուխ) -- mint!" Marash Girl exclaimed joyously. "That's why you saw it everywhere in Wilbraham!"

And not only was it mint, but it was the mint that Armenians use, and have always used -- not the mild tasteless mint of modern day, but the powerful dark green leafed mint that grows wild. . .

Marash Girl has always had a problem growing this mint because those of her family who insist on neat lawns somehow always mow down the mint growing along the edges of the lawn.  So this time, when Marash Girl took a small root of the wild mint to plant in her back yard, she surrounded the plant with large rocks.  Not a pretty sight, but the rocks may ensure that she reaps anoukh անուխ  next year!


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