Monday, September 23, 2013

Overheard at a Newton Corner Yard Sale

Overheard Saturday at a Newton Corner Yard Sale:

I don't have time to argue about price . . . I'll give you $10 cash for those plates  . . .
I'm in a rush; I have to go to a funeral.

The seller looked down at the set of 12 china plates decorated with gold, looked up at the customer's attire:  old jeans and a  t-shirt.

Oh . . . , the buyer mumbled. . . my clothes . . . well, it's a Christian funeral I'm going to, so
I don't have to change . . . 

Pulling a big fat roll of dollar bills out of his pocket, bills which still had the bank's brown paper band wrapped around them, and taking care not to show whether there were a hundred ones, or a hundred 20's, he mumbled, "Let me know if you have anything else good you'd like to sell.  .  .  I pay in cash."


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