Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You're right, too! - A favorite Nasreddin Hodja story

You're right! You're right! And you're right, too!  So Peter (an Armenian born in Marash, Western Armenia, in 1912, escaping the devastation of the Armenian genocide of 1915-1922, and living in the USA from the age of 9) would announce, laughing, as he listened to folks arguing about a heart wrenching topic.  (Marash Girl assumes that nothing could be as heart-wrenching or serious as what Peter had survived!)

It wasn't until years later that Marash Girl realized that her father Peter was playing the part of Nasreddin Hoja. . . And here's the story as told by her Turkish friend.

Two folks came to Nasreddin Hoja who was a Kadi (Judge) at the time.  They each presented their case.  Nasreddin Hoja tuned to the first and said, "You're right!"  After the second presented his case, Nasredding Hoja replied, "You're right!"  

"They can't both be right!" exclaimed an onlooker.

"And you're right too!" affirmed Nasreddin Hodja.

Marash Girl decided to go to the internet to see if she could find this ancient story, and she did: 

"Everyone is right!

Once when Nasreddin Hodja was serving as qadi, one of his neighbors came to him with a complaint against a fellow neighbor.
The Hodja listened to the charges carefully, then concluded, "Yes, dear neighbor, you are quite right."
Then the other neighbor came to him. The Hodja listened to his defense carefully, then concluded, "Yes, dear neighbor, you are quite right."
The Hodja's wife, having listened in on the entire proceeding, said to him, "Husband, both men cannot be right."
The Hodja answered, 'Yes, dear wife, you are quite right.'"


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