Tuesday, January 21, 2014

James Baldwin's Paris

Did you get to read "James Baldwin's Paris" in this past Sunday's New York Times Travel section?  A friend who traveled abroad with Marash Girl many years ago emailed that she remembered Marash Girl had once met James Baldwin in Paris.  Yes, in fact, Marash Girl wrote about that encounter on this very blogspot.  Should you be interested in Marash Girl's recounting of her meeting with James Baldwin in Paris,  just click this link: http://marashgirl.blogspot.com/2011/01/on-gifting-armenian-tile-to-james.html... As an addendum to Marash Girl's blog post, her friend Gail writes: "Do I remember more or less correctly that during your conversation with him that he said sometimes people (white)  would come up to speak to him and say they thought he looked familiar...perhaps he was Louis  Armstrong?"

Yes, Marash Girl's friend Gail remembers correctly.  Do any of you, Marash Girl's faithful readers, have memories of interactions with James Baldwin?  If so, please comment below!


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